I do not need to pull you close I do not have to hold you tight It is enough to rest a single finger on you Tentatively reaching out In anchoring wonderment Yet somehow I do not have to touch you at all To know that you are real, that this is real I need... Continue Reading →


What’s in a Name?

I see the letters that you have formed Wobbling but firm And I sense pride in your identity But you are more than a collection of letters They are not you; you are more I could tell you of places Where you would have your mother's name Or be someone's daughter or someone's son Or... Continue Reading →

My Neighbour is a Werewolf

My neighbour is a werewolf He isn't keen to go to bed He'd rather be up and howling But he likes mornings even less They're a reason to howl Maybe he'd rather wide plains Or some very vast forest But he isn't happy cooped up It's another reason to howl We're going to watch the... Continue Reading →

Je ne regrette rien

How strange this ability of yours Do we carry only what we need or want? Is to move on to forget? Every past fragment wiped clean Are we mere machines to reset? Or rather complex histories? Ah, if only I could wipe it all away And be given a chance to start all over How... Continue Reading →

Messing Around with Boats

Row, row, row your boat Where it's never placid Scarily, scarily, scarily, scarily Life is like the rapids

The Caress of Water

Life, death Cradle, grave Beginnings, endings Lost, found Adrift, belonging Redeeming, punishing Cooling, scalding Healing, destroying Vast, drop Death, life

Memory Box

A lifetime poured into a plastic box At once careless and desperate A bulwark against forgetting In case the things that were are the less for having been An evidence locker of having loved and laughed Relics of things past and not likely to be repeated This was then, this was here, more bittersweet than... Continue Reading →

Lost Friends

Ever growing list of names A face in an old photograph A register, a memorial The once present, the now absent You were there And now you are not Where did you go? When did you go? Took my eyes off you Did I blink too long? Maybe I didn't care enough Maybe I wasn't... Continue Reading →

A List of Things that Annoy Me

- Batteries dying - Bladders - The bus not stopping, regardless - The clock in the hallway, at night - Drivers not indicating - Fickleness - Forgetting to turn the oven on - Helicopters - Idiots - Jumping when you know what it is and/or too late (Mongrel Beast has an overactive and/or delayed startle... Continue Reading →

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