My Hero

You are a hero.  a person noted and admired for courageous acts or nobility of character You are my hero.  a person noted for special achievement in a particular field   It was at one the National Trust places that we visited in Cheshire when we were helping a friend out.  So 2006.  Not long after we got... Continue Reading →

Labels and Lists, Soul and Self

It's funny how falling ill becomes the pursuit of labels.  Labels, boxes, the very things that we seek to shun in most circles become all that define us.  We become defined by what we cannot do. Sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down in what we can no longer do that we lose all... Continue Reading →

Il fait un temps de Toussaint

TAKE ONE The rain falls Steady Other times a sudden deluge Battering But it falls Always The dream fades Weary Sometimes there's a drop of hope Brightening But it fades Anyway TAKE TWO I watch for you to breathe, wondering yet again how we got to here.  What went so wrong?  The night is cold... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Potato

For some people, the potato is king; it's there on every single plate of food they eat; 'oh it's so versatile, you can do so much with a potato!"  I don't get it.  Admittedly, I'm a pasta girl myself but the potato never really did anything for me.  After all, it's just so many variations... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Parent

When do you become a parent?  Some go through heart-breaking agonies over countless years pursuing that very dream.  To others it's a surprise revelation, a shock, maybe something that they weren't planning on.  But most parents have a time period before the arrival to adjust, to plan, to adapt, to prepare.  For mammals, it's called... Continue Reading →

Muffin Love

Do you remember me mentioning that I'd baked a whole heap of muffins?  Well me being both busy and scatty of late, I just haven't got around to showing you my efforts so here you are: I don't see myself as a good cook, I'd lose too many marks on presentation and sometimes that seems... Continue Reading →

Sleeping Beauty

I see you lying there, beatific, with a sleep softened face, innocent and childlike, one hand clasping the covers softly and my heart soars. If we had a choice, this would be one of the moments that I'd choose for my life and for my love to be made of.  If we had a choice,... Continue Reading →

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