Alphabet of an Evil Lurgi

I am adversely afflicted by an abundant ailment I am a braying beast of burden barking I am a congested cur who's correspondingly cantankerous I am a draught-fearing deathbed dowager deigning dainties I am entirely empty of energy I am a feverish flibbergibbet fidgeting furiously I am a grey-gilled ghost groaning I am a health... Continue Reading →

Progress and Happiness

  I am loo roll deep in yet another cold of the century, the second in two months.   I must be incredibly run down.  I'm a magnet for lurgis when I'm walking dead and I spent the day after my bakeathon with a cold infested friend.  Who I'm not quite sure how I feel about... Continue Reading →

Been Poorly

OK, you're going to get a break from the knitting reports but instead you're going to get a whinge from me!  I've just had the sore throat of the century, you know the really wretched kind where you can't swallow because of the brick in your throat but all you can compulsively do is swallow? ... Continue Reading →

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