Give me a Break

There's so many types of exhaustion.  No one tells you that you can experience more than one at a time either. I am exhausted. That is the conclusion that I have come to every day for more than three years.  See, I did it again.  I say that it's been three years since I relapsed,... Continue Reading →


Otherwise known as oops, I did it again. What you may ask? Well, I've got a little bit of a radar for patterns and I was getting a little bit worried as October progressed because after October, November follows (naturally) and I haven't really got such a good track record when it comes to Novembers.... Continue Reading →

Inside Out

~ Trigger Alert ~ Tall, skinny, fair ... I had it all.  The only problem was that those adjectives only applied in my family; anyone over five foot and less than a size eighteen qualified.  To the rest of the world, what was I?  What am I? I've always struggled to see myself from the... Continue Reading →

A Daily Photo

I want to be inspired.  I want to create. Then life gets in the way. I decided a couple of weeks ago, when things were momentarily feeling a little brighter, easier, better, that I'd love to do a photo-a-day project.  I love the idea of the challenge and the dedication that it would require.  I... Continue Reading →

Four Legs

What has four legs and goes painfully slowly? Yep, that's right.  Me.  I've succumbed.  I'm using my other leg. (They come in pairs.  I've been steadfastly refusing to use both, that's just ostentatious.  I'd been keeping the other one for 'spare' and training Husband to forget all about it). It started back in the winter... Continue Reading →

Loss of Self

(Can I tell you a secret? I grieve. There are moments when I am broken in spirit and overwhelmed by a profound sense of loss.  I try to remind myself that there are countless thousands, if not millions, of people who are in a worse position than I am but my heart won’t listen.  I... Continue Reading →

Convenient Food

It was a pretty amazing invention when you think about it, probably the best thing before and since sliced bread.  A simple container that took food transportation and preservation to a whole new level: the humble tin. Tinned food is an asset; it’s ideal for emergencies and for those moments when the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Real World

When speccy spoke of pacing the other day, my entire being sighed and nodded knowingly in agreement.  You see, pacing is something of a ‘buzz’ word in chronic illness.  Although it’s not some magical cure-all or panacea, it does rather let the ‘experts’ off the hook.  The responsibility is handed firmly back to the patient,... Continue Reading →

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