Grateful for the Fire

Coping strategies.  There’s something inherently wrong with that expression.  Strategy, well, you need a clear head and a good idea of what the playing field is for that.  Coping, well, that implies a little too strongly successful management.  But the reality is that coping is just another word for surviving.  We bury our heads in... Continue Reading →

A Day of Battle and of Bravery

~ Trigger Alert ~ It's funny how I try to move on so fast, I try to block or forget as soon as possible, perhaps to give me the strength and focus to deal with the immediate presence.  I'm also not entirely convinced that you want to hear tales of non-events in my insignificant and... Continue Reading →

Working Out

I’m not entirely convinced that ‘working out’ has the right connotation.  It’s a fairly positive term, indicating a deliberate choice to develop something through to resolution, that is to say, a successful outcome. Working out does, of course, have other meanings.  In this modern age it is perhaps most often used as an exercise term. ... Continue Reading →

A Spoonful of Medicine

Well, it seems that a spoonful of medicine makes the world go down a whole lot better. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of pill popping.  I'm one of those proud, stubborn creatures who would rather endure something than surrender to a drug ((wo)man up as the Americans apparently say and take... Continue Reading →

Progress and Happiness

  I am loo roll deep in yet another cold of the century, the second in two months.   I must be incredibly run down.  I'm a magnet for lurgis when I'm walking dead and I spent the day after my bakeathon with a cold infested friend.  Who I'm not quite sure how I feel about... Continue Reading →

Been Poorly

OK, you're going to get a break from the knitting reports but instead you're going to get a whinge from me!  I've just had the sore throat of the century, you know the really wretched kind where you can't swallow because of the brick in your throat but all you can compulsively do is swallow? ... Continue Reading →

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