Je ne regrette rien

How strange this ability of yours Do we carry only what we need or want? Is to move on to forget? Every past fragment wiped clean Are we mere machines to reset? Or rather complex histories? Ah, if only I could wipe it all away And be given a chance to start all over How... Continue Reading →


Ship in a Bottle

Thing of wonder Talking point Focal point Apogee One moment taken Preserved forever Is it just the one Frozen in time Or a flotilla Smaller Moments But that ship has sailed Maybe sunk

Lessons from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

​To all the teachers who thought that they were gods, thank for teaching me realism, even if that wasn't your intention  To all the teachers who only worked with their fauns, thank you for teaching me that flattery and adoration isn't the only way to get somewhere after all To all the teachers who thought... Continue Reading →

Memory Box

A lifetime poured into a plastic box At once careless and desperate A bulwark against forgetting In case the things that were are the less for having been An evidence locker of having loved and laughed Relics of things past and not likely to be repeated This was then, this was here, more bittersweet than... Continue Reading →

I am Angry

I am angry because of the things I don't have nor ever had I am angry because the things that I did have, I never really had I am angry because I have been lied to or deceived I am angry because so many things were spoilt, even ruined I am angry because I am... Continue Reading →

A Bird Song

The words of Christina Rossetti have spoken to me for a very long time; I am no scholar or reader and perhaps am really conscious of just one of her poems.  It was the first poem to ever 'speak' to me, the first that echoed some deep, inner sentiment of my own and translated it... Continue Reading →

I have Plasticine

I have Plasticine™.  I have been experimenting.  I have a wee project planned, which I may tell you all about some other day.  If it goes to plan ...

A Song

There is a certain song that I recognise, the faint piercing notes can be quite a distance away but my ear always picks it up.  But it's not just my ears, it's a song that will always speak to my heart.  I try to whistle a few notes back, despite the fact that I have... Continue Reading →

FO: We All Scream …

What's the biggest thing that holds you back from starting, from accomplishing, from finishing, from achieving?  Fear.  Fear is our biggest enemy and we all know it.  But where does the fear come from?  Sure, we are confronted, bombarded even in this day and age, by things that we are told are scary.  But fear... Continue Reading →

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