One Man’s Brave is Another’s Pie

Your challenge may well be another's easy as pie But then pies aren't all made the same Some people have to make it all themselves Whilst others get it served up nice on a plate Yet you get up and make one everyday And that is where the bravery lies However yesterday's turned out, up... Continue Reading →

No Picnic for Teddy Bears

From a prompt, describe 'lonely' without using the word Have you ever walked in the woods? You've a hand to hold Yet even as you step together You see and feel a vastly different world Have you ever walked in the woods? Everyone else has someone Peals of laughter ringing in the glades Fun watched... Continue Reading →


I wake up to another fracture The world isn't falling apart It's crumbling bit by bit Crazed, they call it Waiting to go at any moment And you don't know whether to be surprised All the sharp pieces in your hands It's not even worth the glue No one liked it anyway Waiting for it... Continue Reading →


From a prompt, describe a storm without using the sense of hearing - I think that I took it elsewhere as ever It creeps in Waking deep senses Rising nerves and hair The birds fall silent The world waits Waiting For the world to rip apart The angry hues of a bruise Split like over... Continue Reading →

Ship in a Bottle

Thing of wonder Talking point Focal point Apogee One moment taken Preserved forever Is it just the one Frozen in time Or a flotilla Smaller Moments But that ship has sailed Maybe sunk

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