Ship in a Bottle

Thing of wonder Talking point Focal point Apogee One moment taken Preserved forever Is it just the one Frozen in time Or a flotilla Smaller Moments But that ship has sailed Maybe sunk


I am a Little Meadow Flower

I am a little meadow flower Slightly ragged Barely noticeable Sometimes called weed Lost almost In a field of many blooms Adding to the beauty Of the many But nothing on my own I take the soil Whatever's given me And make seed For the future For whoever follows That is all I am a... Continue Reading →

How Do You Like to Journey?

Life is all about journeys, metaphorical or otherwise.  Sometimes we don't even realise that we're on the journey and although some would prefer the comfort and control of a well thought out itinerary, some of the best, some of the most memorable, some of the most meaningful were never planned.  I have to admit that... Continue Reading →

(Before you start questioning my morals or anything, just read the link.  Monogamy is difficult). Baby, don’t look at me that way | Yarn Harlot.

Why Should I Be Unhappy?

To bloom is to be happy But are flowers happy? Do they feel the sun and smile? Or when they admire their own petals?   To bloom is to be happy Do I bloom? And if I don't, can I still smile? And if I don't, can I still be happy?   To bloom is... Continue Reading →

Mongrel Beast

I live with Mongrel Beast.  It's not a choice I had.  (And perhaps that's why I resent its presence so much).  To think of Mongrel Beast as a dog isn't really fair to any canid and doesn't really do justice to what it's really like living, trying to live, with such a creature.  But perhaps... Continue Reading →

Candy Floss Nights

(Candy Floss Abstract - I cannot upload, process or post photos at the moment because the gremlins won.  This is the photo you would be seeing). Soft, magical Spun strands Pretty pink Floating Pegged up High, out of reach Attached to the mundane (Sock dryers, of all things) Yet still fantastical Whimsical Alluring But so... Continue Reading →

I opened up this file and had a strong feeling of how I wanted to process the image.  At the time, I didn't know why, just that it would be a lot of work and concentration for my shaky fingers and foggy brain.  As I worked away, slowly rubbing away the colour from the figure... Continue Reading →

Il fait un temps de Toussaint

TAKE ONE The rain falls Steady Other times a sudden deluge Battering But it falls Always The dream fades Weary Sometimes there's a drop of hope Brightening But it fades Anyway TAKE TWO I watch for you to breathe, wondering yet again how we got to here.  What went so wrong?  The night is cold... Continue Reading →

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