I am Angry

I am angry because of the things I don't have nor ever had I am angry because the things that I did have, I never really had I am angry because I have been lied to or deceived I am angry because so many things were spoilt, even ruined I am angry because I am... Continue Reading →

How Soon the Summer Flies

There is one thing that I really detest, it utterly does my swede.  Inaccuracy.  In this modern age of science, there's been plenty of research done into the faults or weaknesses of eyewitness testimony and I suppose that is the reason that one of the oldest law codes insists upon at least two or three... Continue Reading →

Working Out

I’m not entirely convinced that ‘working out’ has the right connotation.  It’s a fairly positive term, indicating a deliberate choice to develop something through to resolution, that is to say, a successful outcome. Working out does, of course, have other meanings.  In this modern age it is perhaps most often used as an exercise term. ... Continue Reading →

My Heart in Spring

~ Trigger Alert ~ I've written about Spring before, mentioned it in other posts but I can't help returning to the subject again.  Well it does come around at least once a year, after all, and this year we're having several attempts at it, or so it seems.  Maybe it is my favourite season but... Continue Reading →

The Cure

Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present the Cure?  Perfect for those Grey Days and for banishing the blues! I had a miserable day yesterday, the kind of day where you just feel numb and paralysed the whole time but not properly Blue or Ill or anything, just not right.  I think it was partly... Continue Reading →

World of Darkness

I know that this may seem a little contradictory to what I was talking about yesterday but today I'm going to talk about darkness and how I've been absolutely hating it.  Now the difference is that I'm not talking about darkness as some fearsome monster that allows baddies and monsters to hide but instead as... Continue Reading →

Struggling to Keep it Light

Trigger Alert! OK, think of something funny to say.  Definitely go with funny, everyone likes funny.  Come on, you can do funny.  No one wants to read something miserable.  They definitely don't want to read this kind of mumbling nutty rambling.  Funny is good.  Nope?  Nothing?  Rats ... My mask isn't working very well at... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Glass Like?

The world seems to divide into two camps: the optimists and the pessimists.  Which are you?  Why? Sometimes it's because of our life experiences.   Sometimes we can't see how a situation can ever change, that run of bad times just seems never ending and can you really risk dreaming?  Sometimes dreams can be heartbreaking... Continue Reading →

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