Why is 'easy cook' long grain rice the hardest to cook? And takes the longest? Now, is that Murphy's Law or irony?

Murphy’s Law #4

I haven't done one of this for a while.  Here you go: There is a tendency to write tinned food off as the depths of abysmal as well as plain unhealthy, if not dangerously so.  So yes whilst I'm sure a lot of is rank (any macaroni cheese that looks like it's in custard not... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law #3

The silent treatment. You know when you're working your way through flatpack instructions, a recipe, a knitting pattern or whatever and you get to a really complicated part, what happens?  It goes quiet.  However florid the steps might have been previously, as soon as it gets really nice and complicated, there's a complete silence.  Nothing. ... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law #2

Murphy's Law is most perfectly summed up in the old adage 'Watched Pot Never Boiled'.  Never were truer words spoken! Time is not always fixed, it can be a perception.  It can and will pass faster or slower depending on your own expectations.  It will pass painfully slowly when you're trying to get something done... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law #1

If you've ever tried to do the washing and hang it out then I'm sure you'll have met Murphy's Law. For example, if you decide to risk doing the washing on an overcast or cloudy day then by the time the washing machine releases it load back to you (regardless of how quick a cycle... Continue Reading →

Laws of the Universe

I remember learning about several laws of the universe when I was at school, two of them in fact.  Maybe there are more but those are the two I know about and 'learnt'.  (If you could place yourself in the shoes of any of my science teachers then you'd no doubt be impressed that I... Continue Reading →

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