A Canary Conversation

We got talking about canaries the other night, Husband and me. We have recently found out that Norwich was once the capital of canary breeding in England.  Maybe that explains the nickname for the local football team, more than just the colour of their strip. Husband, however, was telling me that canaries aren't really yellow... Continue Reading →

Water Babies

What is it with the sea? We sat watching the sea-green waves roll in, continuously  never-ending, entranced. The waves were high but not fierce, despite the windy day; perhaps the curve of the bay broke some of their force because it was likely choppy further out. The waves at our local beaches behave very differently, the... Continue Reading →

A Song

There is a certain song that I recognise, the faint piercing notes can be quite a distance away but my ear always picks it up.  But it's not just my ears, it's a song that will always speak to my heart.  I try to whistle a few notes back, despite the fact that I have... Continue Reading →

Wordless Manky

Manky is probably the most photographed blue tit in the world, ever.  But hey, at least he/she/it's cute! (I'm experimenting with a new (to me, at the very least!) feature.  You can click on a photo to view it in a 'carousel' where you should be able to comment and 'like' each photo individually.  Well,... Continue Reading →


Release has obviously always been the plan.  I may sound like a bad bird-parent but release would mean having my sitting room back, a clean sitting room where I would be able to sit and knit or work on the computer without dodging poop and being pecked at (and that would also mean that you... Continue Reading →

It’s a Manky Life

I can't believe that a month has passed since four of our blue tits fledged!  It's been a really busy month for me too and this post has been delayed too by an invasion of gremlins in my computer which meant that I haven't been able to process any photos to share either.  Ugh, backlog... Continue Reading →

Big and Little Personalities

The other day I saw an article ‘on the news’ (we read our news online, not having a television) about how they (whoever that may be) have just proven that chimpanzees or some other primate have personalities.  Um, excuse me?!  It’s 2012 and you’ve just found that out?!  I may be a bear of very... Continue Reading →

Bird Words

This is a follow-up to yesterday's wordless (mostly) post where I uploaded some of the photos of our baby blue tits from last week. My mind has been on the weather, following the emerging news stories from Mid Wales especially and reports from the flooded out Springwatch team.  They talk of severe 'summer' storms but... Continue Reading →

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