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One police car, two police car Everybody's screaming Three police car, four police car It's going to be a long day

The Nature of Nature

Does a badger badger? Does a bat bat? Does a bear bare? Does a bug bug? Does a carp carp? Does a cow cow? Does a crow crow? Is a deer dear? Does a dragon drag on? Does a duck duck? Is an eel ill? Does a flea flee? Does a fowl foul? Does a... Continue Reading →

The Runcible Spoon – A Question of Attitude

These last few weeks there has been a minor 'domestic' rumbling; it is usually at that gentle simmer where you can leave the pot bearing some wintry stew-like concoction for a while to attend to more important and pressing matters.  Until, of course, it starts bubbling a little too violently and seeping out from under... Continue Reading →

WOE: Mad Libs

In honour of April Fool's Day yesterday, Write on Edge have set a special prompt.  First we had to dream up a long (thirty to be precise) list of words based on specific parts of speech so I got my husband to supply the words because I believe that a little cerebral exercise won't do... Continue Reading →

It May Not be Fromage Frais, But is it Nonsense?

Did you know that a quark is a particle?  Or some such scientific notion.  I didn't.  But apparently it is.  It's something to do with the tiny tiddly bits that are even smaller then atoms.  I suggest you look elsewhere rather than here  however if you want to find out more.  Physics isn't my strong... Continue Reading →

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