What’s in a Name?

I see the letters that you have formed Wobbling but firm And I sense pride in your identity But you are more than a collection of letters They are not you; you are more I could tell you of places Where you would have your mother's name Or be someone's daughter or someone's son Or... Continue Reading →

My Neighbour is a Werewolf

My neighbour is a werewolf He isn't keen to go to bed He'd rather be up and howling But he likes mornings even less They're a reason to howl Maybe he'd rather wide plains Or some very vast forest But he isn't happy cooped up It's another reason to howl We're going to watch the... Continue Reading →

Grief is like Sneezing

  Grief is like sneezing Sometimes it catches you unaware Sometimes it's short and sharp Other times it goes on and on Have you ever tried to hold one in? Sneezes don't respect quiet places Or a crowded room There's always someone who has to ask Whether you really have to Can't you hide it... Continue Reading →

A Small and Profound Couplet

Jonah blubbered in the blubber And decided he was a land lubber

At the Beach.  Sunny. 

Milk-bottle white, lobster red Scantily clad, covered up Legionnaire hats Naked tots, entire family clad in bodysuits And the one family, always one, in heavy shoes, trousers and jumpers Just in case or taken by surprise? Sun cream: in blobs, by stripes There's no love like a mother with a wet wipe Two-year-old making a... Continue Reading →

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