Some Fashion ‘Rules’ – Or are They Just Opinions?

Like so many things, and contrary to whatever the ‘experts’ may say, fashion is subjective.  Highly subjective.  Fashion might be dictated by a ‘them’ of mythological, cult status but really it should come down to our own taste and style.  Style cannot be achieved by the whims and fads of following every bandwagon.  At best... Continue Reading →

Braving the Dragon

People seem surprised when I say that I’m shy.  It came up in conversation the other day with some friends who, despite knowing me pretty well, just didn’t know that.  I am.  I’m shy.  I don’t like talking to strangers.  I don’t like social situations.  I even feel uncomfortable walking down the street.  I feel... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Old-Fashioned Appreciation?

It seems inconceivable that manners, good plain Ps and Qs, could ever pass out of fashion.  To me, the simple pleases and thank yous of daily life are an inherent part of humanity, a vital cog in the machinery of society.  You could probably throw in apologies for good measure too.  What would happen to... Continue Reading →

Pushing My Sympathies

I'm prepared to tolerate most people and their idiosyncrasies, hey I have a few of my own after all, but there are a few situations where I find it pushed beyond its limits. The first circumstance.  A woman who walks into a crowded room with a baby asleep in a car seat.  And then promptly... Continue Reading →

Judging Others

Don't judge people by your standards.  Everyone is different.  Everyone has different standards.  Everyone sets standards for themselves.  Judge people by their own standards.

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