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Some Language Skills of Mine

Remember how I said that I can't call myself 'linguistic' simply because I can't attain levels of perfection when it comes to my grammatical knowledge, vocabulary or pronunciation?  Well, today I'm going to dare, to dare to start thinking of myself as someone with 'linguistic skills ' or 'linguistic aptitude'. This is the evidence that I am... Continue Reading →

Pursuing Perfection

Pursuing perfection is something like pursuing cities of gold or fountains of eternal youth.  For the most part, these idyllic utopian states are just figments of the imagination, a fantasy that drives us mad in its impossible pursuit. However, I do believe in trying.  Trying is something like that expedition, that journey in search of... Continue Reading →

Five Images of a Perfect Summer

When this week’s Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop prompt asked us to describe our perfect summer, I have to say that I stumbled.  It’s the word ‘perfect’ that I have the biggest problem with; I know that perfection isn’t possible.  If it’s not possible, why even bother to aspire for it?  And Life being what it... Continue Reading →

The Life Athletics

This week we have been challenged to write about 'athleticism'. 'Some people consider themselves athletes, others do not'. I don't consider myself to be an athlete, athletics involves running round in endless circles trying to impress the PE teacher's stopwatch or throwing dangerous objects with precision.  No, athletics was never for me.  I don't do... Continue Reading →

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