It is Time

~ Trigger Alert ~   I have never feared death. But yet I fear change. I feel the pain of loss and mourn those who have passed. Some I wish were still here.  Was it really their time to go? Death, our attitudes to it, well, that's a curious thing.  We like to pretend in... Continue Reading →

FO: My Kind of Summer Shawl

Do you remember that I said that I had knit up a new shawl over the summer?  I just haven't got around to showing you the photographs and telling you about it, it's the story of my blogging life.  I have plenty of ideas (especially in the middle of the night!) but life just gets... Continue Reading →

October’s Me

I am lost and lonely I wonder where the future will be I hear hearts breaking I see bitter tears I want peace and comfort I am lost and lonely I pretend that everything's OK I feel overwhelmed by it all I touch in a world of darkness I worry about everything I cry all... Continue Reading →

Bouncing Back

I am a lifelong pessimist, unfortunate but true.  I like to think of it as a protection, it means that I don't get my hopes up and therefore, am rarely disappointed.  If I think about it more carefully, I think actually a more accurate description would be 'realist'.  I like to take a realistic attitude. ... Continue Reading →

Autumn Days

Autumn is beautiful.  Who is going to deny that?  It's a jewel box palette of golds, bronzes, reds and yellows.  People consult calendars, they read up, they're inspired to plan trips and entire holidays chasing the perfect locations, greedily loading up their senses on the brief colour fest. And to me, that's where the sadness... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Glass Like?

The world seems to divide into two camps: the optimists and the pessimists.  Which are you?  Why? Sometimes it's because of our life experiences.   Sometimes we can't see how a situation can ever change, that run of bad times just seems never ending and can you really risk dreaming?  Sometimes dreams can be heartbreaking... Continue Reading →

What Shall We Talk About?

I know!  Let's talk about the weather, universally popular, universally safe.  Or maybe that should read 'universally UNpopular' as we never seem happy about it do we?  Too cold, too wet, too dry, too hot.  Never satisified with what we've got, we're eternal pessismists so that even if we're forced to admit that the weather... Continue Reading →

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