Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Sometimes growth is about appreciating your own achievements, however small. Like this diminutive jalapeño (actual size 2 cm approx), it might not be a record winner but I grew that.  It even ripened on time unlike my earlier escapades with tomatoes, they eventually ripened in November.  In a summer that wasn't as good as it... Continue Reading →

I Shoot

I think there’s a well-known book title that plays with this very grammatical problem.  Is it grammatical?  It’s a homonym anyway, I know that much.  So yes, I shoot.  And yes, I do sometimes get funny looks when using this verb. I’ve also decided that in this modern climate it’s best to be fairly cautious... Continue Reading →

Photograph of Myself

I loathe photos of me and I didn't want to engage with the prompt.  As a teen, I even went through a phase of tearing up photos of myself.  It's safer behind the camera which is why I'm the one taking photos at parties and things these days. But there is one photo that has... Continue Reading →

Looking for Inspiration

It's funny how some days your mind and soul just go blank, or worse numb.  Whatever it is you do creatively in your life creaks to a halt because you just don't have the inspiration or motivation to do it. I'm a bit of a Jack of all pastimes but master of none.  You already... Continue Reading →

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