PROMPT:- Quixotic

A challenge put down by Sammi Scribbles The word is quixotic The word count is 26 It might sound like a Victorian term of quasi-illness but here's an actual definition:- impracticality in pursuit of ideals, especially those ideals manifested by rash, lofty and romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action an idealism without regard to practicality... Continue Reading →

Five Images of a Perfect Summer

When this week’s Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop prompt asked us to describe our perfect summer, I have to say that I stumbled.  It’s the word ‘perfect’ that I have the biggest problem with; I know that perfection isn’t possible.  If it’s not possible, why even bother to aspire for it?  And Life being what it... Continue Reading →


She slumped in her seat, uncomfortable and bored with what felt like hours trapped in the small hire car, trapped within its thin metal frame with her parents.  Her eyes stared unseeing into the passing countryside, trees, hedges, houses, farms.  Nothing seemed to change.  She had earphones in, discouraging conversation further if the look on... Continue Reading →

Here’s to a New Challenge …

I'm writing this in response to this week's Red Writing Hood prompt; I've never done anything like this before and I don't know if I've quite got the hang of it yet so bear with me! ---- I watch my friend react in horror: who are these people with their spiky hair and pins through... Continue Reading →

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