Bad News

It's two in the morning I cannot sleep My mind is wild My heart is raging It's eight in the morning I wake disappointed It is really real It isn't a dream It's four in the afternoon I am full of questions My mind is racing My heart is desperate It's ten in the evening... Continue Reading →

WOE: Music

I'm back but my head is still out of shape so bear with me!  This piece was inspired by an anecdote about a pregnant concert pianist, truly. ~ It was the last day of term.  Mrs Winter popped a CD into the classroom music system, something light and bright, to go with the radiant sunshine... Continue Reading →

The ‘S’ Word

I said yesterday that my husband has a stew phobia.  Yes, that it the dreaded 's' word in the house.  The word will bring him out in a rash sooner than the threat of half a dozen other scary ingredients going into a dish.  Stew.  The problem is that stews are actually quite a handy... Continue Reading →

Is this an Air Raid?

There's an air raid siren in town, a genuine World War II type with the freaky shaky wail that rises tremulously above the town.  We only hear it about once a year, in late summer, when it is tested for about ten or fifteen minutes.  It's on the site of a large defense manufacturing plant,... Continue Reading →

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