WOE: Going for Gold

I am afraid that you're all going to have indulge me and put up with a whopping entry from me this week, I have been very good recently about respecting the word counts but this piece wanted to be a little larger.  I'm not sure yet how large because I actually wrote it down by... Continue Reading →


WOE: Forbidden

He pushed open the heavy door and made his way to the counter, his motions as routine as brushing his teeth.  He glanced over the counter although he knew what he would order and the girl behind smiled at him, recognising a regular customer.  The early morning rush was over and done with and neither... Continue Reading →

WOE: Freedom

She slipped out of bed and into the clothes laying out ready on the chair in the corner of the room in movements so fluid and easy that the first uncomfortable niggle starting signalling that this was some disturbing unreality to her mind.  The clothes were High Street smart, simple, ordinary work clothes.  Then she... Continue Reading →

WOE: Sand

The beach was clear of people, the dank weather was keeping people away, but she hunkered down between the dunes staring out at the sea beyond, running her hands across the cold sand, appreciating the moment of isolation.  She had played and lounged on this beach in and out of season all the years of... Continue Reading →

WOE: To the Moon

He had been so proud of her that first day, watching her pick out the perfect outfit and making up a packed lunch for her, hearing the shake of nerves in her voice and sending a text message at lunchtime just to make sure all was well.  He was the one who believed all along... Continue Reading →

WOE: Core

The last time he visited it had been early fall, the first of the cooler days, and as usual, Ma Alwright had been sitting in her rocker, feet on the railing, watching the world go by.  As he climbed the increasingly rickety steps to the porch, he passed the steady line of apple cores balanced... Continue Reading →

WOE: A Rainy Night in Dusseldorf

AKA - The Dangers of Fairytales "It was a rainy night ... in ... Dusseldorf ..." "Dusseldorf?!  What kinda place is Dusseldorf?" "It's a cool place with all sorts of cute houses and a big castle." "Huh.  Sounds lame." "Do you want me to tell you a story or not?" "OK, OK.  Dusseldorf." "Right.  Now... Continue Reading →

WOE: Pick a Number

My husband chose my numbers.  It was difficult explaining why and then how.  We got there eventually.  2,4,6, 8.  Yeah, original.  So in that order, an actress, in a restaurant, at midnight, facing a family emergency.  Then he got inspired and starting coming up with the bare bones of a plot. NYC, heart of the... Continue Reading →

WOE: Music

I'm back but my head is still out of shape so bear with me!  This piece was inspired by an anecdote about a pregnant concert pianist, truly. ~ It was the last day of term.  Mrs Winter popped a CD into the classroom music system, something light and bright, to go with the radiant sunshine... Continue Reading →

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