I do not need to pull you close I do not have to hold you tight It is enough to rest a single finger on you Tentatively reaching out In anchoring wonderment Yet somehow I do not have to touch you at all To know that you are real, that this is real I need... Continue Reading →


The Nature of Family

You, me Us or them Who decides? Who chooses? You, me Paper Blood Law You, me Us is all Loyalty And love

The Missing

Out the door And never to return So I stand waiting Waiting and dreading If there had been goodbye I could have wished you well Told you how much you are loved And known for sure If you really meant to go I understand the need For greener pastures For somewhere safe So I hope... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace

To all the friends who took something and left, I'm glad that I could give you something for your journey.


But they'll get ill and ruin the fun Or they'll get sick and cancel anyway And it's way too much for them Better not ask them at all When did 'don't stare' become 'ignore', 'avoid'? Don't make eye contact They might start talking Then what do you say back? Awkward. The ugliest truth is always... Continue Reading →

Disordered Eating

Always clear your plate Here , have some more Always say thank you Don't you know the trouble I went to? Eat up, eat up Otherwise you won't grow big and strong There's children in Africa starving Or there was once a war, you know Are you spoilt or ungrateful? Never waste food It's so... Continue Reading →


I'll... Will you? Will you really? My heart leaps with hope Don't I say Too late My heart feels not thinks

I am Angry

I am angry because of the things I don't have nor ever had I am angry because the things that I did have, I never really had I am angry because I have been lied to or deceived I am angry because so many things were spoilt, even ruined I am angry because I am... Continue Reading →

Heroes Yet Villains

Once upon a time, when we were young The heroes were white and pure Stood apart, tall and strong When did we raise them? So they would always be taller? Did we make them or did they make us? Their gold glittered at us Sunlight or human natyre? But it was only there to fill... Continue Reading →

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