Labels and Lists, Soul and Self

It's funny how falling ill becomes the pursuit of labels.  Labels, boxes, the very things that we seek to shun in most circles become all that define us.  We become defined by what we cannot do. Sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down in what we can no longer do that we lose all... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace

To all the friends who took something and left, I'm glad that I could give you something for your journey.

I am Angry

I am angry because of the things I don't have nor ever had I am angry because the things that I did have, I never really had I am angry because I have been lied to or deceived I am angry because so many things were spoilt, even ruined I am angry because I am... Continue Reading →

(Before you start questioning my morals or anything, just read the link.  Monogamy is difficult). Baby, don’t look at me that way | Yarn Harlot.

A Verse

I am my sunshine and my rain Some days it pours and other days it shines You are my sunshine and my rain Some days it pours and other days it shines

The Help Conundrum

Maybe it's the easiest thing in the world to say 'oh, if there's anything you need...' but what do we mean by that?  Do we mean anything other than that we're expressing a vague sentiment of fellow-feeling, sympathy, pity, interest, concern ...?  I don't know.  Maybe it's a bit like that other chestnut that we... Continue Reading →

A Canary Conversation

We got talking about canaries the other night, Husband and me. We have recently found out that Norwich was once the capital of canary breeding in England.  Maybe that explains the nickname for the local football team, more than just the colour of their strip. Husband, however, was telling me that canaries aren't really yellow... Continue Reading →

Bruises, Bleeds and Breaks

~ Trigger Alert ~     Who're you going to tell? Who'd believe you anyway? They said that names will never hurt you They say it's just words But hearts bruise And hearts bleed And hearts break     The constant stream of insults (Name-calling would be so simple) But there's more, always more Mocking,... Continue Reading →

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