Spectres to be Forgiven

Yours are the pale faces, the spectres of my nights Would you call yourselves friend, family or the ones who weren't there for me? You could have been a wall of safety, you could have given me support and security Was I not owed that? Did I not deserve that? Instead, you had no words... Continue Reading →

Words that I Don’t Say

These are hollow words Something expected With or without meaning You care not for either Just to assuage your conscience To make you feel better, bigger Words to bind Just to hold me here Whilst you go on anyway Maybe I owe you these words But maybe I am owed more

Untitled IV

My heart was in pieces So I held it together for you Then you broke the pieces I only had a little ember But I tried to warm you by it Then you just snuffed it out

Labels and Lists, Soul and Self

It's funny how falling ill becomes the pursuit of labels.  Labels, boxes, the very things that we seek to shun in most circles become all that define us.  We become defined by what we cannot do. Sometimes it's so easy to get bogged down in what we can no longer do that we lose all... Continue Reading →


I do not need to pull you close I do not have to hold you tight It is enough to rest a single finger on you Tentatively reaching out In anchoring wonderment Yet somehow I do not have to touch you at all To know that you are real, that this is real I need... Continue Reading →

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