WOE: Going for Gold

I am afraid that you're all going to have indulge me and put up with a whopping entry from me this week, I have been very good recently about respecting the word counts but this piece wanted to be a little larger.  I'm not sure yet how large because I actually wrote it down by... Continue Reading →

Parenting Issues

I think we have teenagers in the house.  You can recognise the signs.  Teenagers come in various distinctive forms but teenagers they are.  There are the ones who pull their hair across their faces, who skulk in the corners and deep recesses of life and who are awkward in their shyness.  That’s Rocky.  Dependent but... Continue Reading →

Is Anonymity Deception?

The Internet is easily painted in broad, dark strokes.  A place of concealment, deception and fraud.  It is a place that is out to get you and your family, especially your children. Does that mean then that I am a threat? I post on this blog anonymously.  I like the anonymity; paradoxically it means that... Continue Reading →

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