FO: My Kind of Summer Shawl

Do you remember that I said that I had knit up a new shawl over the summer?  I just haven't got around to showing you the photographs and telling you about it, it's the story of my blogging life.  I have plenty of ideas (especially in the middle of the night!) but life just gets... Continue Reading →

Freak Weather

As you can see from the above picture, there is clearly something 'wrong' going on at the moment.

It’s Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Day

Where do I start? This morning? When I got up at ten to eight so I could be ready by half past nine only to discover that it was now, for reasons that I really can never fathom, actually TEN to NINE? I don't do mornings at the best of times. I am very slow... Continue Reading →


This is what early Sunday morning looked like: Can I remind the weather that it is actually mid-March and we're rather expecting spring anytime now? Back on go the thermals, which is slightly inconvenient because my legs have decided that they're now 'allergic' to them.

How Soon the Summer Flies

There is one thing that I really detest, it utterly does my swede.  Inaccuracy.  In this modern age of science, there's been plenty of research done into the faults or weaknesses of eyewitness testimony and I suppose that is the reason that one of the oldest law codes insists upon at least two or three... Continue Reading →

My Heart in Spring

~ Trigger Alert ~ I've written about Spring before, mentioned it in other posts but I can't help returning to the subject again.  Well it does come around at least once a year, after all, and this year we're having several attempts at it, or so it seems.  Maybe it is my favourite season but... Continue Reading →

Weather Report

  I don't know what month or season it is at the moment but I don't like it, not after we had such a glorious spell over the last two weeks.  Two weeks in which I was incredibly tied up with things and couldn't fully appreciate it.  I had just realised how stunning the neighbour's... Continue Reading →


There's been a lot of fog here of late but whether I'm talking metaphysically or not is for you to decide!  Days that don't even dawn, just a lightening of the grey swirling cloud that has descended to roam our streets, chilling our bones and refusing to let any washing dry.  Fog which eats away... Continue Reading →

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