Disordered Eating

Always clear your plate Here , have some more Always say thank you Don't you know the trouble I went to? Eat up, eat up Otherwise you won't grow big and strong There's children in Africa starving Or there was once a war, you know Are you spoilt or ungrateful? Never waste food It's so... Continue Reading →


The Help Conundrum

Maybe it's the easiest thing in the world to say 'oh, if there's anything you need...' but what do we mean by that?  Do we mean anything other than that we're expressing a vague sentiment of fellow-feeling, sympathy, pity, interest, concern ...?  I don't know.  Maybe it's a bit like that other chestnut that we... Continue Reading →

The S-Word

~ Trigger Alert ~ I don't like to court controversy in real life or on these pages and it's most certainly not the reason that I'm writing about the subject today.  If you remain unaffected by this subject your whole life through then you have been incredibly fortunate and so has your family.  The statistics... Continue Reading →

Stick Will Out

I don’t like things that make me stand out, things that made me stand out as different.  (Isn’t it liberating that you can start blog posts with the dread ‘I’?)  I’d hate to wear white trainers, huge ocean liners of glowing white-ness (albeit briefly).  New shoes too make your feet feel enormous and obvious.  But... Continue Reading →

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