The Life Athletics

This week we have been challenged to write about 'athleticism'. 'Some people consider themselves athletes, others do not'. I don't consider myself to be an athlete, athletics involves running round in endless circles trying to impress the PE teacher's stopwatch or throwing dangerous objects with precision.  No, athletics was never for me.  I don't do... Continue Reading →

Busy Blogging Week

Well I've had a slightly busy week blogging away.  I don't quite know how it's happened.  And I definitely can't say whether it might happen again! Here's some of this week's blogging achievements: I have written a whole (though how to write half a post eludes me!) five posts, I wrote an entire post without... Continue Reading →

On Camping

Camping is about getting cold and wet. Successful camping is about avoiding both.

Am I Really a Failure?

We have a tendency to oversimplify things at times, pigeon holing and stereotyping with the best of them.  This is how we stereotype a successful life: be popular, pass lots of exams, go to university, graduate, get a high earning career, get a house, have a big wedding, get a dog, have 2.5 children, spend... Continue Reading →

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