Memory Loss

  Is there a word for forgetting what a word is? You know, just a single word A term, I think they call it I can't even remember the word for that So how am I supposed to remember the word for forgetting words?   I think there must be a word for it There... Continue Reading →

The Oh-So-Long Symptom List

Neurological Signs and Symptoms: Inconsistent central nervous system function Vertigo and disequilibrium, for example a sensation that your surroundings (or you) are spinning wildly and vertigo may also be expressed in a milder form as an inability to watch TV or to read (or knit!) Temperature dysregulation Poor tolerance for hot or cold environments Hyperacusis... Continue Reading →

That Mongrel-Beast Actually Causes Quite a Few Problems

My usual technique for dealing with illness is to ignore it.  Well, it might just go away.  And I'm used to blaming the psychological for a lot of my problems, for example, I say, 'I'm lazy' or 'I can't be bothered'.  But I'm growing in awareness, both of my main physical condition (ME) and of... Continue Reading →

Of Heart or Mind

As is this the case with pretty much any subject you may care to investigate, you can just pop a few words into a search engine and within seconds (depending on the level of cooperation that both your computer and internet provider wish to extend to you), quasi-information is at your fingertips.  The wealth of... Continue Reading →

Weather Report

  I don't know what month or season it is at the moment but I don't like it, not after we had such a glorious spell over the last two weeks.  Two weeks in which I was incredibly tied up with things and couldn't fully appreciate it.  I had just realised how stunning the neighbour's... Continue Reading →

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