It’s Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Day

Where do I start? This morning? When I got up at ten to eight so I could be ready by half past nine only to discover that it was now, for reasons that I really can never fathom, actually TEN to NINE? I don't do mornings at the best of times. I am very slow... Continue Reading →

Keeping Safe in a Changing World

The world has changed, in some ways it has got bigger but yet it has got smaller.  Regardless of international time zones, communication from one country to another has never been easier yet, in contrast, these very technologies have also made our world bigger connecting us instantly to more people in more places and to... Continue Reading →

I Made a Stamp

As you have likely heard, small things please small minds.  I love small things.  You may draw your own conclusions. Tonight, I had to package up a parcel to send to a friend in Europe.  I was very chuffed when I managed to get all five foot of draught excluder into something about A4 size... Continue Reading →

Where Will Our Words Be?

Writing is a pretty useful form of communication, we tend to write off (pardon the pun) entire civilisations as uncivilised or primitive simply because they didn’t develop a writing system and their oral histories have been lost or ignored.  Writing can speak to not just two parties, the writer and the recipient, but the written... Continue Reading →

Old News

We found some old newspapers (parts of two) serving as insulation under the itchy coo in the loft so if you'd care to browse some of the articles making the news back in 1964 and 1956, I have pictures to share with you. The 1956 paper seems to be a copy of the Dispatch, possibly... Continue Reading →

A Book Revolution

‘Revolution’ is probably the best word for it; it’s a real change of scene, a shake up and one that may only be welcomed with a rallying cry by a certain demographic, a particular group or even a minority.  Revolution is not a wind of change, a tide change in the sea of mankind, something... Continue Reading →

Technology Advances … and Entertains

I know, I know, it's been a while.  I've had a busy week and I just haven't been able to get my head into posting and writing.  I'm very sorry.  This is just a quick post to tell you about a new feature that I've just discovered whilst opening a PDF document. I opened up... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law #4

I haven't done one of this for a while.  Here you go: There is a tendency to write tinned food off as the depths of abysmal as well as plain unhealthy, if not dangerously so.  So yes whilst I'm sure a lot of is rank (any macaroni cheese that looks like it's in custard not... Continue Reading →

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