FO: Some Other Things That I’ve Made

Details on my Ravelry page


FO: The Lunchbox Project

The knitting bug really has me smote at the moment.  My physical health is a little better at the moment and I’m just so enjoying being able to do creative things again.  It’s one of the things that I really miss when I’m ill, not being able to express myself or entertain myself.  Being ill... Continue Reading →

Seeing is Not Always Believing

My husband (bless his cotton or otherwise socks) has precious little imagination.  Or so it seems.  I don't get it.  How can you not have imagination?  It's as strange to me as people who do know how to count.  Without calculators, without fingers.  Surely it's something that every human being is just born with?  What... Continue Reading →

A Few FOs – Under Pressure

I've been very whingy of late, talking all about myself (although admittedly that is rather the concept of a blog, I guess!) and not sharing any words of wisdom (if I ever have had any) nor entertaining you with my highly random musings nor keeping you up to date with my crafting progress.  So here... Continue Reading →

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