This Wind

  This is a petulant wind Shakes everything Buffets everything It moans and cries It jeers at history Mocks at expectations Whistles at all It shakes its head It stamps its foot Echoes in our heads Runs us ragged It blows cold It blows wild This never-ending wind

FO: My Kind of Summer Shawl

Do you remember that I said that I had knit up a new shawl over the summer?  I just haven't got around to showing you the photographs and telling you about it, it's the story of my blogging life.  I have plenty of ideas (especially in the middle of the night!) but life just gets... Continue Reading →

Freak Weather

As you can see from the above picture, there is clearly something 'wrong' going on at the moment.


This is what early Sunday morning looked like: Can I remind the weather that it is actually mid-March and we're rather expecting spring anytime now? Back on go the thermals, which is slightly inconvenient because my legs have decided that they're now 'allergic' to them.

Want to Come on Another Jaunt?

I can't believe that this was three months ago already, this week we're going back to the hospital for another check up.  The appointment is, of course, not mine, I'm just the navigator.  But I've got to meet and make friends with two lovely people, friends of a good friend of mine, and we had... Continue Reading →

Want to Visit the Big Smoke?

This time last year, we country bumpkins got to gallivant in the Big Smoke, otherwise known as London.  The weather was, of course, abysmal most of the day but you can be sure that didn't stop me from taking photos! Want to take a walk around the city as pictured through a rather idiosyncratic lens?

The Day They Got it Right

I don't much trust weather forecasts, maybe because I am something of a sceptic when it comes to Science, it seems that Science has pretty much become the religion of the day with us mere mortals putting blind faith into the whims and translations and perspectives of Scientists.  I do not naturally go along with... Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Your Feet Wet

It probably seems a little strange that advice when you consider that I, and this blog, are all for psychological advancement.  Life can be richer for either when to dip one's toe into new waters or to take an entire plunge into them.  It seems that our feet are kept busy metaphorically throughout life's journey,... Continue Reading →

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