Trifexta: Letter of Apology

Brevity is not my strong point so this weekend's Trifextra is definitely going to be a challenge: a letter of apology in a mere 33 words.  I think most of my sentences come in around that word count.  Here goes: ~ Dear Grandma I'm sorry about hitting your guests with a bat; I just wanted... Continue Reading →

WOE: Flavour Prompt

~ Trigger Alert ~ She popped the smooth pills out of their blister pack, the snap of each one clear and sharp, and lined them up on the worktop.  Methodical, taking control. There was a bitter taste in her mouth that no amount of water would wash away, the acrid bitterness of shame mixed with... Continue Reading →

A Midwinter’s Tale – The Extended Version

This is the woefully over the word count version of this week's Red Writing Hood prompt!  However maybe I'm joining a bandwagon as films all seem to be coming out on DVD with extended versions available so here's mine: The doorbell rang, the harsh, jarring note of an antiquated model rupturing the night. It had... Continue Reading →

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