Do You Really Mean Me?

  You know that thing people do when they're not entirely sure if someone is talking to them or someone else, they look over their shoulder?  I've been doing that a lot the last few weeks.  Probably mixed with a bit of rabbit-caught-in-headlights too.  You can't seriously mean me?  OK, you are.  Panic, doubt, worry.... Continue Reading →


Keeping It Real

Photography is often used to capture an exact moment in time with almost scientific accuracy whereas an artist usually spends more time, carefully choosing and applying each brush stroke, one at a time, perfecting his own interpretation of the subject.  Whilst the artist is arguably least bound by reality, it is photography that misleads and... Continue Reading →

More Words

The technology that we use for communication may have radically changed and advanced during my lifetime but we still facing the perpetual problem of what to say.  How to you know what to say when?  Is it easy to come up with something to talk about or to make conversation for you? I don’t find... Continue Reading →

Working Out

I’m not entirely convinced that ‘working out’ has the right connotation.  It’s a fairly positive term, indicating a deliberate choice to develop something through to resolution, that is to say, a successful outcome. Working out does, of course, have other meanings.  In this modern age it is perhaps most often used as an exercise term. ... Continue Reading →

Trifecta: Normal

He bit excitedly into the apple, savouring the sweet juiciness even as it dribbled down his chin.  In his head, the world paused and focused on the delicious tastes and textures of the treat but his feet kept pace with the dirty, ragged shoal of boys as they twitched and swirled from one mischief to... Continue Reading →

WOE: Freedom

She slipped out of bed and into the clothes laying out ready on the chair in the corner of the room in movements so fluid and easy that the first uncomfortable niggle starting signalling that this was some disturbing unreality to her mind.  The clothes were High Street smart, simple, ordinary work clothes.  Then she... Continue Reading →

WOE: Sand

The beach was clear of people, the dank weather was keeping people away, but she hunkered down between the dunes staring out at the sea beyond, running her hands across the cold sand, appreciating the moment of isolation.  She had played and lounged on this beach in and out of season all the years of... Continue Reading →

WOE: To the Moon

He had been so proud of her that first day, watching her pick out the perfect outfit and making up a packed lunch for her, hearing the shake of nerves in her voice and sending a text message at lunchtime just to make sure all was well.  He was the one who believed all along... Continue Reading →

On Paper

I love the feel of it between my fingers, crisp to all the senses, glistening in its pristine newness.  It calls to me from across shops, from the stacks in bargain shops between tacky plastic gizmos and basic household essentials.  It calls a love song that my heart cannot resist and my feet are drawn... Continue Reading →

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