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There’re dangers in getting ‘too attached’.  But how can you avoid attachment?  Care is what motivated you to take action in the first place, to get involved.  Care is motivated by respect and interest in another being, whether that being is on the same scale as yourself or not.  Attachment is just when that care... Continue Reading →

The S-Word

~ Trigger Alert ~ I don't like to court controversy in real life or on these pages and it's most certainly not the reason that I'm writing about the subject today.  If you remain unaffected by this subject your whole life through then you have been incredibly fortunate and so has your family.  The statistics... Continue Reading →

Who Cares for the Carers?

Being a carer is something that I've written about before, about how it can be a much broader role than is first perceived, especially when we focus only on a professional home-help for the disabled or elderly.  Modern life likes things appropriately pigeon-holed and boxed but such attitudes rarely do justice to the reality nor... Continue Reading →

An Alphabet

This is my alphabet for fulfilling the third requirement of the ABC Award that Celia awarded me the other day, it's supposed to be a personal alphabet to help you all get to know me a little better, well that seems a little bit big-headed on at least two counts, for example,  why should I... Continue Reading →

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