Where there is no spring and no autumn: the world of rapid cycling

What are your own seasons?


Seasons are funny things. If you live in a equatorial region, you may barely experience them at all; if you live in a polar region you probably live part of the year in unremitting darkness which eventually gives way to “white nights”. Living through a heat wave that has gone on for weeks, it can seem impossible that our streets and parks and fields were once covered in snow. Bizarre, even. Yet as we crunch over layers of ice, in that strange silence that comes only after snowfall, it is the sensation of heat and light, of long days and high pressure, that we cannot recapture. No wonder that so many films and novels play with the idea of perpetually cold environments, or create desert planets, or dream up worlds in which the seasons are very different to our own.

I think I’m on pretty safe ground in assuming many…

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One thought on “Where there is no spring and no autumn: the world of rapid cycling

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  1. In my late fall I see friends, like the leaves, turning–or already turned–all around me. There is a mixed beauty, but with so many trees almost bare, I look for the bright colors still there. On sunny days they almost shout their love of life, calling forth a quiet joy in watchers like me. In darker times I watch for messages, like yours and others’, that remind me of “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.”

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