A Shot of the Good Stuff

A Shot of the Good Stuff

There are downsides to blogging.  You meet lots of new ideas.  It’s happened before, I get led astray or someone makes me do something.  This time it’s How Sweet It is‘ fault.  She made me do it!  Well, perhaps more accurately, there are some things that you have just got to try.  I like experiments.  I particularly like experiments that work.  This was an experiment that worked and tasted absolutely scrummy.  Win-win.  The negative was finding out just how not-good-for-you Irish Cream probably is, the ingredients list includes condensed milk, evaporated milk and double cream!  No wonder it’s so yummy!

It’s a lot thicker than the branded product, and stronger.  We reckon that they must dilute it for commercial purposes!  It pours like mud, goes down a treat and can and should only be consumed in small quantities.  Fortunately, it keeps for weeks in the fridge.

Homemade Irish Cream.  Isn’t blogging a wonderful thing?

(Or is a little learning a dangerous thing after all?)

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